So, you’re organising a conference and looking for a venue? Whether that conference is for a few hundred or a few thousand, finding the right venue can make or break an event.

Here are some tips to help guide you in sourcing the perfect venue you’re your needs.

  1. Accessible

The location of your venue is one of the most important factors if you want to maximise attendance. You also need to look at available transport networks in the area and the ease of public transport to and from the destination. If it’s too difficult to get there, people won’t attend. You should be considering access via all transport methods, be it car, train, bus or air travel.

  1. Parking and Accommodation

Ample parking is another key issue to look for before booking a venue. Attendees must have somewhere within reasonable distance to leave their vehicles. For those staying over to attend the event, make sure there are amenities in the near vicinity, such as restaurants, hotels, adequate lodgings etc ideally within walking distance.

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  1. Availability

On confirming that the venue you want is available, check that other amenities in the area are also going to be available. For instance, if there is another event at the same time, could this be the areas peak season meaning accommodation and restaurants are going to be fully booked. This will also impact traffic conditions and parking.

  1. Suitability

How suitable is the venue for your needs? Does the choice of venue reflect your brand and objectives or detract from them? There has been increased demand for unique and unusual conference facilities in recent years, so this is something to explore if you think it could bring an added dimension to your event. For Venue Hire Gloucestershire, visit

  1. Cost

Plan your budget right from the off and don’t be afraid to negotiate when you’ve found the perfect venue. They might consider a discount if you make a commitment for multi-year bookings.

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  1. Facilities

Find a venue that offers everything you need in one package. This will include things like stages, audiovisual equipment, toilets, disabled access, food and drink provision. Are the seating areas adequate and is there enough space to invite vendors and sponsors to set up stalls for example?

  1. Technical

In today’s world, people need to work on the go and stay connected 24/7. An important question to ask is if the venue supplies charging stations for smartphones, laptops, tablets etc and do they offer free Wi-Fi? This is one of the biggest bugbears amongst attendees, not getting a signal or the inability to charge devices, so make sure you focus on availability and performance as a key requirement for your venue.



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