Almost anyone can grab a can of bug spray and start squirting it around wherever they see pests, instead of calling a pest exterminator. In fact, sometimes that is all that is needed, particularly if you’re taking sensible steps to prevent bugs from entering your home or structure in the first place. Pests are sneaky, though; they’ll scurry away, hide, reproduce and, before you know it, you have a problem. Maybe too big a problem to take care of yourself. So, when is the problem so big that it’s time to consult a professional Arizona exterminator?

When You Have a Major Infestation

The thing to remember when you see a bug or other pests, is that the one you see is just the brave (or stupid) one that has come out of hiding. There may be just a few more in the hidden spaces — or many, many more. If you are seeing a few bugs at a time, or seeing them daily, you likely have a pretty good infestation and should think about calling in a professional pest exterminator. Remember, too, that it’s not only bugs you have to look out for. Mice in the cupboards, moles in the garden and other critters also multiply quickly and can be very unwelcome pests. Bed bugs have also made a come-back in recent years and pretty much require professional help to eliminate.

Have Multiple Infestations

Some bugs consider other bugs a tasty snack — so they will head over to where they are and munch away. This may sound good at first, but when you consider that sometimes the predator bug is worse than the prey, well, you can see how that can be a problem. Getting rid of multiple infestations can be a pain, even with off-the-shelf products that promise to take care of any number of insects. If you’re seeing a variety of bugs, it’s probably time to pick up the phone and call a professional exterminator and let them take care of the problem. Don’t forget to ask them for tips — most exterminators are happy to point out problem areas, and what you can do, yourself, to prevent further problems.

When the Pests are Dangerous or Damaging

Unless you really know what you are doing, sometimes it’s simply not worth it to try to take care of dangerous pests yourself. Bees, scorpions, some types of spiders and other critters can cause, if not major harm, at least a lot of pain. Calling in an Arizona exterminator in cases like this is not cowardly! It’s sensible. It’s also sensible is to consult the professionals at the first sign of damaging pests, like termites. Termites can do quite a lot of harm to structures before you even know they are there; learn to look for signs and call an Arizona or Phoenix termite control professional right away.

Prevention is one of the best ways to take care of pests, by not letting them become a problem in the first place. Still, sometimes even the most careful person can find themselves with a pest problem that is too big for them to handle. It’s better to call in a professional pest exterminator sooner, rather than later.

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