Guildford isn’t somewhere that comes up much in conversation, at least outside of Guilford; however, this thriving town is starting to gain more attention from outside its historic walls, and for good reason.
From its charm and green spaces to its modern theatre and fantastic transport links, there is something for everyone.

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Why do people choose to live in Guildford?

If you ask people why they love Guildford, you will get a simple answer: it’s lovely! Nothing can get this across quite as aptly as its name. ‘Guildford’ derives from ‘gold ford’, referring to the golden flowers that grew by a small ford nearby.

Its rich history doesn’t stop at its name, is it stretches back to Saxon times with a castle established by William the Conqueror. A thriving wool trade followed, giving way to a significant role in World War II.

Guildford has managed to keep its ancient charm while modernising impressively. Its current amenities notably include shopping centres, the Yvonne Arnold Theatre, and G Live.

The University of Surrey pulls many people to Guildford. Like many university towns, the student population keeps it feeling young and hip, even for non-students.

Another big plus is Guildford’s excellent transport links. On the mainline to London, this vibrant and historic town is a magnet for commuters and retirees alike.

This covers many of the factors you may think about when choosing somewhere to live, with Guildford ranking highly in them all. What’s more, property prices are not at the fever pitch you find in London, sweetening the deal even further.

Who Guildford suits best

You have had a whistle-stop tour of Guildford’s history, amenities, and even transport links, but which demographic does Guildford suit?

The answer is surprisingly broad. You may assume that a historic town has an ageing population, but this is not the case. Its university and thriving job prospects continue to draw younger residents, with nothing demonstrating this quite like Guildford’s video game and technology companies. Guildford is home to over 50 video game studios and offices, leading some to call it ‘The Gaming Capital’.

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Alongside its employment opportunities, education and history lies a lovely place to raise a family. Guildford is surrounded by countryside and has plenty of parks.

If you have been wondering why Guildford is so popular, now you know! It is perhaps best summed up as having the benefits of a big city with the lifestyle of a town.

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