St Patrick’s Day, on the 17th March, is a day of celebration. A time when people get together with their family and friends and share ST Patricks Day Gifts and a drink or two. If you are wondering what to buy your loved ones this year you can shop ST Patricks day gifts at Shamrock. Why not make it a truly special occasion and create your own cocktail for the event.

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There is a method to making an incredible cocktail and it is all about the balance of flavours. You want to have a little bit of sweet, some sour and a  little surprise flavour that has you raving about the drink for days to come. There is a basic formula to making a great cocktail and this is 2:1:1 which equates to 2 parts alcohol to one part sweet and one part sour. You then add all of this together in a shaker and then add over ice and enjoy.

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Here are some ideas for your ingredients.

Alcohol – vodka, gin, tequila, sparkling wine

Sweet – syrup (plain or flavoured), sugar cube, honey, grenadine

Sour – lemon, lime, grapefruit.

There are many more alcohol choices that you might like to try and you may even want to add some ingredients that will add to the visual appeal of your drink. This could include fruits in the glass, as well as coloured cordials and syrups that will give you drink a little pop of colour.

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