Do you work in a busy environment with lots of colleagues who for some reason cannot seem to tidy up after themselves?  Do they leave rubbish on their desks, refuse to empty their bins and spill drinks on the floor?  Has your manager come up with any kind of rota system to encourage teamwork and communication when it comes to cleaning the space?

Here are a few suggestions you can do to help!

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Work cleaning rota

Make a weekly rota with all staff included and assign job roles to each person.  If your staff aren’t particularly keen or accuse you of picking rubbish jobs for them constantly then you could even do a name in the hat solution where staff pick out the jobs for each other.

It is also important that in the new week jobs are swapped over and even given to teams of two.  This needs to be clearly marked on the wall of the workplace so everyone is clear on their role. It’s funny to think that trivial things, such as messy desks or confused cleaning rotas have actually led to office disputes between employee and employer. If you are in the position where you need independent legal advice, why not contact Ascot solicitors companies such as Parachute Law.

Tidy your own space

Rules could be put into place to make you clean your own personal space at the end of every day and spot checks would be carried out to check.  If you are found to have an untidy area you lose points.  The more points you have at the end of the month the more chance you have of winning a prize. This should be anything from cleaning your keyboard and screen, to emptying your bin.

Hire a company

If your business is just to be busy and you want to keep your workforce on target and keep the distractions to the minimum then calling in a Cleaning could be a really good idea.

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Work from home

Get all your employees to work from home and then log in what hours they do on the computer.  This will not only save mess but would mean a huge saving on money.  The only problem with this is efficiency starts lacking and targets are often missed.  People tend to work harder when the boss is watching them. Also, there are no excuses like my favourite television programme was on or the dog needed walking.


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