Any good Cheltenham Accountants like know that the help, knowledge and advice that they provide extends much further than simply completing an end of year return or helping make sure you utilise your tax allowance in a legal and ethical way.

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Here are some of the additional ways your accountant can help you and your business

  • Setting up a new business or making amendments to an existing one – your accountant can take care of all the elements of setting up a new business and registering with Companies House and adopting your Articles of Association as well making any amendments to an existing business including the removal or addition of directors, change in addresses etc.
  • Growth and expansion – if you are looking to grow your business or perhaps even expand into a different sector, product or country your accountant can help you will advice and support. They can talk to you about the structure of your business and whether any adjustments to this need to be made, equally they will talk to you about the ensuring that you don’t fall foul of overtrading. If this growth is going to mean that your income will surpass the VAT threshold they can also register you for VAT and manage this for you.
  • If you are looking to raise some finances perhaps because you are planning some growth in the business your accountant can help you find the right solution that won’t put your business in a risky position. This may be through a loan, overdraft, share capital or even selling shares in your business and finding an angel investor.

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  • Business change can be incredibly stressful for an owner and director and having to manage or implement these changes can be time consuming. If you are needing to implement an auto-enrolment scheme, starting to employee staff for the first time or looking to change the legal structure of your business you can lean on your accountant for support in each of these areas and in most cases, they will be able to implement any necessary systems and legislative work for you.
  • Payroll is an incredibly time intensive and highly pressured business activity and one that is best avoided if you don’t have the necessary payroll and simple HR knowledge. Your accountant can help in this area with many accounting firms operating payroll for their clients and others working closely with payroll bureaus to outsource this work.

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