If someone has a dollar in their pocket and you have a candy bar for sale for a good cause, a transaction is inevitable. Candy bars have been the most popular and traditional methods for raising your school’s budget. They are easy to sell because they are priced low and heavily demanded. Also, candy bars are perfect for children to sell! I mean let’s be honest, not many of us would turn down a child trying to sell a candy bar even if you did not like it! As mentioned, candy bar fundraising is one of the most popular fundraising methods so here are a few ideas to help your school’s candy bar fundraising campaign sore through the ceiling.

What Company Should I Chose?
One of the most critical steps to setting up a candy bar fundraiser is selecting the right company to supply you with fundraising materials. There are fundraising companies that have $1.00 bars that are peanut free certified and come with free shipping based on certain minimums. Do not settle for anything less. Be sure to select a company who will allow you to offer many types of candy bars to suit the taste varieties of your customers. Also, you have to put the profit margin into perspective to calculate which company will bring your school the highest profit yields. Last but not least, do some research and read reviews about prospective companies of interest!

Thinking Inside the Box!
Door-to-door sales and direct sales to family and friends are the most traditional methods to selling candy bars, but also the most saturated. In order to stand out from the competition, you must think outside of the box! An excellent idea is to find out when and where local events are happening and contact the coordinators/supervisors who are running the event to get permission to set up tables/booths. Finding heavy traffic locations within your community can allow one table to sell as much as one person would have sold in a month! Another small “inside-the-box” tactic is to visit local businesses in the area i.e. mechanics, barbers, etc. and ask them if they would like to support your school. They can by an entire box of chocolate and quickly get their money back. Not only will this benefit your sale it will actually benefit their business as the community will appreciate working with a generous company.

Incentivizing Students
It may be hard to motivate younger kids and teens into volunteering to support their school, but we have a cure for that. Make it a contest! To encourage competition, offer a prize to the student who sells the most candy bars. A cost effective way of going about obtaining a prize for the top seller is to go around and ask local small businesses such as sporting good stores to donate a demanded prize to your candy bar fundraiser. If you can not get a local business or booster to donate a prize, you can simply buy a gift card to a popular restaurant or store as a motivating factor for your fundraiser!

By now you should understand how profitable and fun a candy bar fundraiser can be. Implementing the tips and strategies above will ensure fundraising success and expectations to the fullest. Get your students, parents and faculty in ‘sweet’ spirit by holding a candy bar fundraiser to benefit your school!

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