A digital marketing manager of a company should not neglect the social media reports that the agency gives him. Even “more than neglecting” is about dedicating a moment of serious analysis to the data they are providing.

In the matter, and the time to carry out our analyzes, we will find multiple and diverse indicators to take into account. Many of them practically indispensable and even almost mandatory when making any Social Media report.

21 essential indicators in a Social Media reportFor this, in this compilation, we will take social networks like Facebook and Twitter to discover more than a score of essential indicators that should not be overlooked.

Main numbers

We know that many are almost exclusively concerned about fans and followers, which I do not recommend focusing on just that; However, they must always be present.

  • Number of fans / followers today: Difference from last week’s fans / followers. Tip: Ask for simplicity within everything. Green, yellow and red arrows help make reading easier.
  • Activity Number for this week:
    • Facebook. Final result of “People who are talking about this”, which are: “I like” the page + “I like” in a publication of your page, commented or shared it + Response to a survey + Invitation response To events + mentions to your page + tag to your page in a photo + register a visit in your “place” or recommended it.
    • Twitter. Number of Replies + Retweet + Direct Answers (DM)
  • Engagement Index: This data is crucial. It’s a percentage and tells us what proportion of those following your brand are actually interacting. On Facebook, with no campaign running, it could run between 3% and 7%. From experience, I think that with a lower index, we would have to analyze what happens (not always the fault of Community Manager).
  • Difference from last week’s engagement rate.  The arrows again .
  • Demographics of facebook fans. It is difficult for us to find great weekly differences here. However, we must keep this in mind when making an annual summary.
  • Scope of the people who arrived the messages of the week studied.

Is the Social Media team  doing  its job?

  • Number of posts and tweets this week
  • Difference from last week’s number of posts and tweets. If there are big differences, explain why.
  • Number of responses to posts and / or tweets.
  • Difference from last week’s number of post or tweets. Again if there are important differences, explain.
  • Number of responses to unanswered posts and / or tweets and explain why.

Is the Social Media team  doing  its job well ?

  • Posts or Tweets of the week that caused most reaction in people. Review of positive and negative reactions.
  • Posts or Tweets of the week that caused more fans or followers.
  • Some case (if any) of crisis and how it was resolved.
  • Some case of trolleo and how it reacted.


  • If there was, what was the qualitative and quantitative impact on community interaction. I hope to take it here as a rather separate element, since in general a campaign has different conditions to normal conversation in social networks.


  • Which links contributed the most visits to the website. Here I assume that the agency correctly marked the links, then review them in Google Analytics.

Evaluation, micro benchmark and recommendations

  • Summary of the main milestones during the week
  • Review of one or two interesting cases that other brands are exploring with social networks. Something simple, a mechanic, a successful post.
  • What we learned this week, what we will apply for the next and this learning how will be framed within the overall strategy of the brand.

Well, several indicators have come out, which does not mean that they are the only ones, but I think they are the essential ones. Then we can internalize ourselves in goals, contributions to the sale, ROI or other more complex kpi’s, that already requires a review case by case.

Why so much data? Simply to transform it into information of value and to be able to make informed decisions of the mark in Social Networks.

By ZsuNC

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