Social networks are already part of the communication strategy of the company. Its effectiveness in connecting with the client becomes an indispensable means, leading brands to develop a presence 2.0.

Despite the widespread use of the marks, we can still notice errors in their use, which do nothing but cause frustration and rejection by customers, an attitude that inevitably reverses the brand. In order to avoid these misfortunes, here is a compilation of the most serious to consider when developing a strategy for Social Media errors.

Social networks are not for sale

First rule of thumb to be recorded to fire any company who claims that their actions on social networks to succeed. Social Media is not a window to show the products but an open conversation means, dialogue and mutual connection between companies and brands. On an equal footing, from you to you. Hence one of its main qualities is the exercise as a channel of customer service, this is an environment where customers feel comfortable, so they decide to approach the brands.

5 errors and mistaken beliefs about social media marketingSocial networks are not free, and are available to anyone

Develop an effective online presence costs time and money, resources must know how to manage a good professional. Without a certain budget, nor the invaluable presence of adequate personnel it is not possible to obtain positive results. Moreover, improper use carries a great risk to the mark, being exposed to the 2.0 without the protection they need to cope with many situations that you may have. On the other hand, an unplanned timely action could trigger a crisis of reputation in the making.

Quantity is not synonymous with quality 

Not even close. Having thousands of followers does not guarantee engagement, nor is it synonymous with having an active and integrated community. This can only be achieved based on providing valuable content, really useful for users, and show an openness to dialogue, fostering interactions.

Social networks are not an advertising medium

Although Facebook is endeavoring to fill the wall users with sponsored stories, commercial messages may not form the basis of a strategy of Social Media. One of the main reasons leading to a fan to stop following brands is precisely the saturation of messages concerned. It is increasingly difficult to break into the time line users, therefore it is necessary to provide a differential value and show the nearest side of the brand.

Improvisation is not good friend of engagement

The performance on social networks by a brand has to respond to a properly planned strategy, based on previously established targets.Therefore be in social networks not to publish sporadically, not massive, but be clear about what is to be achieved, and to design actions to achieve that goal. This will also help to have a proper content strategy, geared to the interests and preferences of the target audience.

They are basic premises, but essential when it comes to fight for a place in the landscape 2.0 and get the approval of customers.

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