Social Media is consolidated as an advertising medium, to the point where it is expected to grow 19.2% annually over the next four years, which means to double the figure recorded this year. In 2012 the benefits are expected to reach 4 trillion dollars and by 2017 exceed 9 trillion dollars. These data have been in the last study published by BIA / Kelsey, taking into account all the advertising actions registered in the different social platforms. 


The so-called “native ads”, ie Facebook sponsored stories, along with promotional tweets will have a major role in this development of advertising 2.0, along with mobile advertising. For its part, display advertising is not going to be left behind, Mainly thanks to its development through Facebook and YouTube.

Investment in these media will also increase to almost double, from $ 3 trillion in 2012 to $ 5.4 trillion in 2017. “Native ads” are positioned as an alternative to conventional display advertising, which may have an important Conversion rate, because it is a type of advertising integrated with the rest of content that is shared through the social network.

For its part, mobile advertising will play a decisive role in the development of advertising through social channels. Revenues for this type of advertising are expected to triple in 4 years; Starting from the 500 million dollars in 2012 to reach 1500 million in 2017, Representing an annual increase of 28.5%. The key to the development of this advertising model lies in the development of mobile technology, together with the rapid adoption of these devices by users and the implementation of mobile advertising formats by social networks. These data ruin the idea that social platforms would not be able to monetize their revenue through mobile devices.

While advertising on conventional media continues to decline, new media are gaining whole as an effective advertising channel. The key to success is never losing sight of the maxim that social networks are a medium for conversation

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