Social networks have both supporters and opponents. Fortunately, the percentage of those who do not value their effectiveness has been declining gradually. Mainly because manufacturers begin to have experience in this medium and, more importantly, to see results. However, the moment of truth, the big question is Are they really useful to attract new customers? What they are most effective?

Are they really useful and effective social networks to retain or attract new customersThe eternal question of whether networks can actually serve to sell can have ambiguous answers and depend on many different aspects and factors. However, some studies are sharp to give an affirmative answer to this dilemma even surprising the researchers themselves. In this regard, 3 out of 4 companies used social networks in their business strategy performed better in 2012 than those who did not use them . However, it is noteworthy that if the objective of our social networking strategy is reduced only to sell or generate new sales, social media may not be the appropriate channel. However, it is clear that such media can become an inexhaustible source of potential customers while improving its reputation as a useful tool.

Facebook remains the undisputed queen

After a period in which he came to question whether to continue betting on it, his popularity is stabilizing. 83% of marketers believe that your use is really important, confidence has increased over the past 2 years. Also the last Social Media Report, indicated that 49% of these professionals would get Facebook, if I could only choose a social network. Not surprisingly, it is the main source of reference traffic (26%), while Twitter takes second place far behind (3.6%). Another positive note is that 77% of B2C acknowledges that it has managed to attract customers through Facebook.

Twitter flies solo

Reap the fruits of your strategy in this network is not easy; all depend on the sector and strategy. This platform is ideal to introduce new products, and to increase the dissemination of content. An activity that has led to 34% of marketers to generate leads, and 20% to close contracts. But its main value is as a channel for customer service, an essential area for customer loyalty and brand advocates get. 42% of customers feel properly addressed through social networks buy more than other customers.

LinkedIn, the most productive network

The social network for professionals is up more effective than Facebook and Twitter to generate leads 277%. Also, especially useful in the case of B2B. 84% of B2B use any Social Media marketing tool to get customers.

77% of marketers who work in this area recognized to have won new customers through LinkedIn. But still many B2B are aware of these advantages. 90% of them use Facebook, while only 47% are on LinkedIn.

The effectiveness of Social Media to attract customers is surpassed only by the SEO

59% of marketers rely on search engine optimization for this purpose, along with 21% of those who bet on the Social Media, and 20% who stay with the PPC. In addition, social channels generate at least twice contacts fairs, direct marketing with telemarketing. It added that the conversion rate of these leads is 13% higher than the average for the rest.

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