The Social Media Strategist, Community Manager and Dircom Dolores Vela affirms that “good SEO and original and unique value content are proving to be the best and most effective way to position a blog”, which would have become the source of more leads and conversions for sale for the current company. 

The expert in SMO, Dolores Vela has granted an interview this week to the Webpositer Agencyin which he admits that SMEs suffer “serious problems” due to lack of support and infrastructures that facilitate them, not only digital marketing and social media, but in general all their strategy and business start-up. Vela is skeptical of the idea that in Spain there is a support system for small and medium-sized companies consolidated; In fact, it ensures that more and more talented entrepreneurs leave for countries like England because “there the benefits and administrative and economic facilities are such that setting up a business can be up to 30 times more profitable” than in our country.

For this professional digital media, the main mistake made by small and medium-sized Spanish companies is to launch social networks “without strategy, planning, or prior marketing studies, so the normal thing is that it does not work, that does not contribute anything, and in many cases, even harm »your online reputation. Therefore, he argues that it is important to discard the idea that on the Internet “everything” is easier and faster.

The author of the blog and CEO of the digital magazine TechPuntoCero assures that the potential that Social Media Marketing can have for the SMEs is being underestimated, whose main advantage in front of the multinationals lies in the direct treatment, the proximity or the immediacy, elements that social media empower with strategies such as geolocation and the correct management of social networks by specialized professionals.

Dolores Vela explains that first we must set the objectives in social media and then design a tailored strategy, which would include a study of the market, audience, competitors, variables and optimal channels, among other aspects; In addition, if necessary, analyze the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities through a SWOT report.

Is there a return on investment in Social Networks?

According to Vela, SMEs underestimate the potential of social media to a large extent because they form a wrong idea about them.

Most small and medium-sized companies believe that the success lies in having a large number of followers or fans when “having many users is not having many customers …”, insists the SMO expert, adding that “the one who expects that your sales are going to double because you have 1,000 followers on Twitter is wrong, Social Media have several types of ROI, and these should be considered long term. Thus, the return on investment in Social Media is between the humanization or socialization of the brand and the increase in sales, a balance that is slowly balanced, according to the Social Media Manager, but which always gives results when the strategy is appropriate.

On the other hand, if the brand does not participate in the social networks where its customers are located (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), it is giving the competition a great advantage, because “smart consumers force every brand to have that channel of dialogue and communication, of transparency, that generates the trust and loyalty necessary to attract and attract, as well as to make the clients, continue with us », affirms the expert in Social Media Marketing.

The conversion power of corporate blogs

Regarding corporate blogs, Dolores Vela states that all published studies and statistics support that these are the Social Media Marketing tools with the greatest power to convert their users into customers and attract sales. But, in addition, they have become the main source of leads for the company.

«A corporate blog positions your company, your brand, as a leader, as an expert, users perceive your blog as a source of resources to solve issues, to find answers, to know more about you, your” cause “, and that Loyalty is the most permanent and loyal of all, “he says. The great value of the corporate blog is therefore to “generate trust” and attract many more visits to the web that are transformed into sales than any other social media.

However, the mere fact of having this communication platform does not guarantee results if you do not have a good “communicator”, be it content manager, blogger, etc. In this sense, Dolores Vela believes that “good professionals have to be paid, and a person who is able to link and convert visits to clients through the content he writes and his ability to communicate, costs something more than € 600 to mes … », in clear reference to the precariousness of some job offers.

The author of the blog launches some recipes to achieve success in a corporate blog such as “passion for the subject, empathy, sincerity, honesty, transparency, humility … Think you know more than those who read you is quite absurd There are always thousands, millions who know more than you. You do not have to “go expert”, you have to share knowledge, experiences, ideas, etc. These patterns of behavior in public would add the knowledge of our niche, the study of the potential audience and the generation of interesting content, “with value” and well written, the latter being a fundamental aspect in his opinion.

SEO in professional Blogs

Regarding the controversy that tends to raise the regency or not of SEO in corporate blogs, Dolores Vela is clear: “If you are not in the first two pages (three, if you hurry) of search results in Google, no we exist, and there are two essential factors to take into account: good SEO and original and unique value content that is proving to be the best and most effective way to position a blog ».

That’s why this professional blogger ensures that she always writes for people, even if she considers search engine optimization by inserting, for example, keywords into her articles. In fact, the use of keywords is less difficult than it seems for a professional writer because they are part of the semantic field of the topic chosen for the post, as the author correctly points out.

Finally, the CEO of TechPuntoCero recommends that entrepreneurs start their digital journey starting from «a good business plan, a good financial and market study, patience, a lot of desire to get back up when they stumble and, above all, forget about those who look askance and rejoice in small or big failures

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