Companies are beginning to use the high potential of social networks, also internally. According to the new study by the IBM Institute Business Value Forum on increasing investment in new technologies, more than half of companies already use Social Media as an internal tool; A figure that will reach 78% over the next 2 years. 

Companies, increasingly aware of the potential of Social MediaAmong the most common uses of social tools is …

  • 58% rely on monitoring as a means to better understand customers, with prospects of reaching 78% within 2 years
  • 46% use Social Media to interact with the client, to favor effective feedback; It is expected to reach 73%
  • 40% encourage their followers to contribute their ideas and proposals, a rate that is expected to reach 68%
  • 38% consider it a useful tool to promote networking and a more direct contact with partners and suppliers, which expects to reach 72%

The Oracle study together with The Economist this month published a study about which technologies are most conducive to effective innovation. Of the executives surveyed, 44% mentioned the importance of social networks as a new sales channel, 43% highlighted its potential as a tool to improve the customer experience. The big data also had a significant presence in this study, useful for developing new products and services (38%) and developing new pricing policies (60%).

The companies plan to use social networks in all aspects related to the customer relationship

  • 71% will use it for the dissemination of events and marketing campaigns, and plans to reach 83% in 2 years
  • 51% strongly bet by Social Media to generate leads, a percentage that is forecast to grow to 74%
  • 46% offer customer service through these channels; 69% are expected to follow the same policy
  • 35% have already managed to sell products directly in this social area, a rate that will reach 61%

Social Media presents many possibilities, of which companies are becoming more and more aware. It is a powerful tool to get to know the customer, as well as an effective method to approach him and establish a relationship beyond the pure economic transaction.

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