Ads in games on social networks and mobility perform better than other types of digital ads

Ads in games on social networks and mobility rates reach about average CTR (click-trough ratio) of 3%, according to MediaBrix in a new study just published in the United States. This figure is far from the average 0.1% to get the estimated MediaMind standard banner ads type, as well as the percentages for other advertising, as Facebook (0.11%), or mobile banner (0.86%). And if swap ads, those involving some form of incentive or reward for the user or consumer to see, the CTR them may reach 11%.

CTR ads in mobile and social networking games shootingThe percentages full viewing videos have become regarded as more important than the CTRs in a study by Vindico in April 2012. The study also shows how MediaBrix swap ads in games on social networks and mobility also work very well in this area, as it regards video ads, with 91% completion. This percentage far exceeds other brands mentioned in the study, as completion ad ad networks (68%), portals (74%) and video portals (83%), leaving behind only the percentage of completion in the inserted in full episodes (93%) ads.

According to eMarketer, mobile gaming audience in the United States will grow at double-digit pace until 2015, when it is expected that more than 158.9 million people actively play on their devices. Users spend more time on games than any other application on their mobile devices.

Mobile players are a very interesting target audience for companies, because according to Shullman Research Center, 59% of social gamers earn more than $ 75,000 annually. In cross-platform social gaming campaigns, companies are reaching a whole group of very receptive to your marketing messages consumers. As was logical, many industry verticals betting on a significant presence in social and mobile games, including brands such as Coca-Cola, Lexus, Fiat, and hundreds more.

For analysis MediaBrix has worked on over 100 advertising campaigns carried out in this type of media, and has taken into account more than 1,000 million impressions generated through them between July and December 2012. Data the study have been compared with the average industry indicators provided by eMarketer.

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