Customer service on social networks continues to be the main challenge for brands; To learn more about how brands are responding and what strategy they use, eConsultancy has compiled the current state of customer service in Social Media.

Fewer than half of the brands serve the requests of their customers, and most of them always replicate the same message, so that communication is cold, impersonal and inadequate, something that contributes to worsen the situation, thus increasing the Customer discontent.

Less than half of the brands meet the requests of their customers in social networksIn the UK, fashion retailers account for 93% of their customers on Facebook, while the overall average is around 55%. For its part, the response rate on Twitter barely stays at 32%, according to the Socialbakers study.

According to the Nielsen Social Media report, about half of the users turn to social networks to contact the brands; In fact 1 in 3 already prefers social networks before they call.

However, only 41% of customers receive a response to their requests, according to Gleanster, and the average response time exceeds 24 hours, something that is totally against the immediacy that characterizes social media.

Customer service on social networks is not an option, but an imperative need. The customers value, and much, the quality in the response by the brands. 92% of consumers have changed brands even more than once throughout the year. A fact that seriously damages its turnover; According to Newvoice Media with losses of up to 12 billion pounds.

The main factor that hinders the communication between brand and customers is the concept of its use. Brands use Facebook as another way to promote their services, while customers come to this social network to connect with you to you brands. Therefore, there is a complete disconnection, which even drives them away, rather than favoring communication.

Another barrier that prevents an effective customer service service is the budget shortage in this area. According to Genesys, of the 500 billion dollars that the marketing budget includes, the companies allocate 10% to the CRM, while the amount destined to the service of the customer is of a scarce 9 billion. Well watched, this practice is totally against reality, given that it is up to 5 times more expensive to get a new customer, than to maintain an existing one. Therefore, it is necessary to change the concept and bet on looking after customers as they deserve. They also constitute a way of promoting high credibility in their environment; So the advantages multiply exponentially.

How do you take care of your clients through social networks?

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