Social networks have demonstrated their potential in attracting users interested in our product or service. Therefore, the companies bet decisively by these channels. 83% of marketers indicate that Facebook is a critical and very important tool for their business, a concept that has improved significantly in the last 2 years.

Sell unsold or how to use social media to build loyalty and get new customersOne of the great merits of Facebook is to be the social network that works best in recruiting leads for B2C. 77% of marketers acknowledge having increased their database thanks to their actions in this area. On the other hand, this social network is also the one that contributes the most referential traffic (26%). For its part, 1 in 3 companies has obtained leads thanks to Twitter; Of which, 20% came to fruition.

LinkedIn is up to 277% more effective than Facebook or Twitter when we talk about B2B companies. 77% of the marketers of this type of companies recognize having increased their number of customers thanks to the social network of professionals. It also highlights that only 47% of B2B companies have registered their profile on LinkedIn, compared to 90% who have it on Facebook. Far from what one might expect, even more than half of the 2Bs are not registered with LinedIn, even though 84% are in a social network. Without a doubt, LinkedIn has to strive to win the participation of these B2B.

When it comes to attracting new customers, SEO is the most effective strategy for companies (59%). It is followed by Social Media (21%), followed closely by pay-per-click advertising (20%). In addition, the data indicate that the conversion rate of contacts from social channels is 13% higher than the average of other online marketing actions. In contrast, the State of Inbound Marketing, published in April by Hubspot, ranked SEO and Social Media as a source of lead generation (14%), a percentage very similar to that registered by mailing (13%) and almost double Results obtained by traditional marketing channels, such as fairs or mailboxes (8%), telemarketing or traditional advertising (6%).

The eternal question of whether networks can really serve to sell can have ambiguous answers and depend on many different aspects and factors. However, some studies such as the one developed by Social Centered Selling, were sharp in giving an affirmative answer to this dilemma even surprising the researchers themselves. According to the study itself, 3 out of 4 vendors who used social networks in their commercial strategy performed better in 2012 than those who did not. The main reasons that move these professionals to make use of social networks are their advantages to networking and to obtain more information about the sector and its target audience.

However, it is worth mentioning that if the goal of our strategy in social networks is only to sell or generate new sales, Social Media may not be the right channel. Companies that undertake or rely on a social strategy in social networks with the sole aim of selling more, should analyze their priorities in depth. That social networks help sell may even be considered a no-brainer, but that its only objective is this, is a common mistake. Companies should Social media, as a strategic resource beyond sales.

Therefore, the first most important function for what a social strategy should serve is to listen through proper monitoring without forgetting the ability to convert this type of media into a powerful communication channel where, in addition, answering complaints, answering queries or solving The problems of dissatisfied customers after negative experiences can be crucial to maintain the levels of loyalty and trust, which in the end end up impacting on our sales.

A survey conducted by Pitney Bowes Software highlighted as the main conclusion the fact that the actions of companies in Social Media should be oriented to meet the needs of their customers. As simple as that. To sell, companies have to get off the pedestal and talk about you to you with their customers. 82% of users follow some brands. One of the reasons that lead to this is because they want to contact them, need their help or want to know more about their services. It is a unique opportunity to favor the rapprochement, connect directly with the client and gain their trust.

Social networks are improving their reputation as a useful tool for work, and day by day demonstrate their effectiveness. Another of his great discoveries was his influence in the face of SEO strategy. A recent SearchMetrics study indicated that social networks are considered as 7 of the top 10 factors that affect a page’s SEO. As it can be verified, its effects and influence can indirectly affect other vital aspects that can finally help to increase our sales volume. Selling unsold can be the most effective way to harness the full potential of social media.

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