The great advantage of Social Media is that it constitutes a common scenario where everyone has a place; Anyone can make room in the market and earn an advantageous position, the previous step to build an honorable reputation. It only has to propose it. In this sense, the big brands a priori do not have everything won, so they have to work as much or more than the small ones.

The success does not depend on the size, but to raise the appropriate strategy and apply it correctly. It is not convenient to belittle the adversary. Small businesses, precisely because they are small, can count on other advantages that are very favorable; as a greater agility to react to possible problems, greater capacity to respond and adapt to the needs of the market and easily make small punctual offers. Small companies are not subject to a long bureaucratic process that allows them to start up before a certain action. Here the chain of command is reduced.

In short distances the best battles are fought

Above all, the main advantage of small companies lies in the local environment. If it is a brand that focuses its activity on a small geographical area, it can achieve the action and thereby get an immediate reaction from users. Establish a more direct contact with the public, who acts as Community Manager is usually the own administrator of the web or even the same entrepreneur or business owner, so he knows firsthand the evolution of your company, your needs, current situation and your customers.

Here the big ones can have more difficult to reach, they have to make an effort to achieve that closeness. In their favor, they have a greater endowment destined to each area of ​​the company; They can count on a complete department composed of experienced professionals, exclusively dedicated to managing their presence in social networks and any area related to the brand’s online reputation.

The higher you rise, the greater the fall. More than an advantage, being a large company in SM can be an inconvenience, given that, if you make a mistake, you do not measure up, the impact is much greater than in the case of children.

The transcendence of these misfortunes tends to jump from the online medium and have media coverage offline, so you have to be especially careful with all the actions you carry out. The small ones may even have been born only online, to be unknown until now, to focus their radius of action and repercussion only in this medium. A misstep will have little relevance outside of its natural habitat.

It is expected more than the big ones. They are supposed to have more resources at their disposal, so they have to be improved every day. Your audience will not easily forgive you for a major mistake, they can be harshly judged. The level of demand is greater. They must measure meticulously the repercussion of each of their acts, they must always be up to the task.

What is your case? Do you think that in Social Media the small fish can eat the big fish? What significant cases would you highlight?

By ZsuNC

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