Gradually we become aware that, like it or not, the pursuit of influence is essential to consolidate a social enterprise. The truth is that despite all our progress in understanding and acceptance of the new reality in which the consumer exercises power, is still very common for companies and brands show insecure regarding how to obtain a measurable actions in Social Media ROI.

In the media the current return on investments shown as a result of quantitative and qualitative analysis of the statistics, it is possible since last April, Google would include quality as a condition sine-qua-non for being a concerning.

But it is not a minor issue that investments required by social media, are more focused on non-pecuniary aspects but rather linked to delivery and dedication.

Social Media Marketing Being influential is a good investmentIn the current new stage, companies and brands build relationships through the staging of the joint benefit, marks only achieve their business goals when they have reached the influence that today is tightly linked with the ability to create and disseminate social action.

ROI = ROI (influence = investment)

That’s right, the return on investment is only possible from the measurement of the influence linked to participation. Social connections we make through our marketing strategies have as a primary goal, increasing influence. The new ROI is linked to the influence, while traditional ROI is linked to perceived financial benefits achieved from social action. These two different types of ROI in its definition, converge at the present moment is consumed only when you trust.

By measuring the new ROI

There is a minor issue that brands today must begin their way into the Social Media seeking to capture the attention of your target audience through impact.

The importance of internal customer, the essential equipment for a good ROI

Customer service is the watchword. It is more than a reality that investment at the present time should be centered on the creation of a team of solid, consistent and committed to achieve brand properly manage the variables that allow the measurement of work performance influence.

Brands seeking optimum return on their investments must focus their actions to respond to the needs of others, the influence will only be achieved when the level of brand exposure is 100% a contribution to their community and the global set of fabric.

Information sharing has become the ultimate responsibility of the universe of prosumers that forms the social fabric. Only betting on the constant generation of new opportunities arising from learning and access to information, it is that it can be considered influential, related companies within our market, opinion leaders.

Currently the social action is easily measured through metrics and taken into account in the search results, it is because of the excitement and search of emotions. We are facing a new ROI where being influential is synonymous with a good investment.

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