The monitoring of a brand goes far beyond registering the direct mention. Only 3% of users make actual mentions in Twittwe, using the at sign (@) in front of the brand name. This implies that the brand must be very attentive and register everything related to its brand, company, product, sector … in order not to miss that much of the social conversation that happens around it, and to which not Invites you explicitly.

The Dilemma of Customer Mentions to Brands on TwitterConversocial has carried out a study in order to demonstrate how companies are oblivious to the calls of attention of their clients. To do this, they analyzed the activity on Twitter of 4 large retailers:

In total, 11,723 tweets were analyzed for the study, mentioning the four marks for 24 hours. In this way it was possible to verify that 37% of the tweets sent were related to customer service, of which only 3% correctly mentioned the brand (using the “@”).

With this test it is shown that brands miss a lot of messages, many of which contain important information, which the company should be able to record and service.

In total, 4,367 messages were sent requesting customer service in a single day, of which only 352 were duly formulated, according to Twitter, so if companies do not have other monitoring tools; Could have lost 97%. This implies disregarding the customer, imparting image of bad management of the company’s online communication and, however, deteriorating the online reputation of the company.

Brands must take into account that their clients do not have to be experts in Social Media, nor do they have to master the language of each medium. For them social networks are a quick and simple means of communication; A channel that allows them to access brands directly, and where, in the same way, they expect a response.

How do you monitor online activity related to your brand?

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