The astonishing growth of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, has led many others to rethink their statement about social media. While social networks have proven to be important for businesses because 79% have a profile on at least one of them, it is noteworthy that it is no longer enough to simply have a fan page, a group on LinkedIn or Twitter account.

There are data that can not miss to understand the importance of social media today, beginning know that our brand is mentioned about 90 times a week in conversations with friends, family and coworkers.

The impact of social media in business and business is a realityThe impact of social media in business and business is already a reality, and by 2014, 53% sales purchases minorities both online and offline will be affected by the influence of the web due largely to the habits and the way in which consumers are increasingly using the Internet to research products before buying.

Facebook, blogs, Twitter and reviews of customers and consumers themselves are considered the most effective tactics to mobilize customers to talk about online products. If we think of social media as sales channels, Facebook is the most used with 86%, followed by Twitter with 65%, blogs with and Reviews with 55% each, and channels Video fifty%.

The transfer of a trademark to a social business model requires a strong commitment to a social mentality of the media, a new way of thinking, which affects all marketing decisions, including interaction and conversation today.

The impact of these efforts will be long term social media will be achieved comprising the five ways by which the business can benefit from social thought.

First understand what our target in social media. Second, understand the ROI of social media within the overall marketing mix online. Then implement communication strategies more effective, improve planning social media and improve customer close the circle is these main reasons why companies must exploit their potential to the benefit of their business.

The following infographic shows graphically all the data and conclusions demonstrate once again the importance of the media and social networks for businesses.

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