Normally, in a social media strategy, these things usually start with the catchphrase “I have a cousin who dominates social networking that can make us a little community manager”. So when the cousin in question at the company plant saying that it is handled in Facebook as anyone and also have profiles on twitter and LinkedIn, for these are his credentials to start designing social media strategy that can be endless absurdities.

Keys to design your social media strategy worse

When the cousin of the boss take the controls and has convinced the leadership of need freedom of movement, it is safest if not advise or make an accelerated master can pass all of the following…

The keys to design your worst social media strategy1- Not provide own content at any time: if set to share right and left content without producing anything outside itself hardly can start creating a community 2.0 useful.

2- It will not be in any hurry to answer users: how it will not use any alarms nor have structured time devoted to each channel, as normal is to spend some days when a user is addressed.

3- Do not measure anything at all: as the only thing that counts is getting “followers” and “likes” will not be possible to measure the ROI of all these actions and the reactivity of the audience for example.

4- Open a profile on every social network to sell the company is everywhere: the more networks and profiles more people get it?

5- Will not be documented about the sector in which it operates: in normal conditions would be nice to know a little the right tone to communicate in the sector, some historical the most relevant content or why not ascertain the reasons that can cause Crisis 2.0.

6- You will communicate the same for all social networks and will have many open networks, it is safest to optimize time to create messages “type” to reach everywhere. Customize the message is too costly and not achieve better communicate.

7- The short term is what counts: for the cousin of the head does not enter the plan content strategy to have a proper chronology and helps to be more consistent with the message to give.

8- “The tools are for frikys”: as already have the necessary knowledge will not be necessities consulting.

9- “Being a spammer to get followers and likes is not serious”: give grilled users to follow me if in the end I get will be well done, this affinity for the content provided does not go with the cousin of the head.

10- Do not listen: often the followers or people in the community in question want to be cared for, listened to and treated as they deserve. What will our friend is to publish content regardless of the reactions that can cause and if you leave a comment that does not like, because it will erase and point, to be seen to take care of the company image.

In order to avoid situations of this kind, what do you think are the most common mistakes community manager?

By ZsuNC

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