It may seem strange that at this point, there is still someone who doubts the effectiveness and usefulness of Social Media. Media and social networks have become, and increasingly, a great ally for brands and small businesses, seeing the latter as thanks to new social media can compete with larger companies with more resources.

The panacea of being in social networks no longer works. Users only look for trusted brandsTo argue this assertion and point out the growing importance of social networks for the different ones, we will point out that according to the results of the study carried out by Odm Group, the average consumer mentions in specific conversations with friends and acquaintances around 90 times a month.

However, being around is not the panacea of Social Media, users only look for trusted brands to follow in Social Media.

Therefore, every day more brands try to get these conversations to be positive offline, and must try that users talk about them also online, of course, in a positive way as well, for which 86% of them have a presence on Facebook , to interact with its customers in a more direct way and establishing a new customer service channel. It follows, in terms of online presence of companies, Twitter, with 56% of brands in this microblogging channel and blogs, with 55%. However, despite all its benefits, only 50% of brands take advantage of the potential offered by the video, and 55% take advantage of the reviews of their products.

These data show that the most effective channels to mobilize consumers to generate conversation are Facebook, Twitter and blogs, with Facebook being the most visited platform in the world. For this reason, 78% of retailers in the United States have their fanpage in this social network.

Consumers after brands

Consumers follow brands more and more frequently, especially women, as revealed by a study by Burst Media in the US that shows what are the main reasons why consumers follow brands in Social Media .

This study shows how 45% of women follow a brand because it keeps the user informed with current content, a percentage that is significantly lower in the male population, which reaches 31%. In addition, 42% of women share content with their family, friends and acquaintances, while only 26% of men do.

The study also shows that 33% of women interact by writing opinions or comments about brands compared to 29% of men, and that the percentage is equal when it comes to seeing what others are saying.

According to Odm Group data, if we take into account that 53% of users on Twitter recommend certain brands to other users, it is important that brands have presence in this social network, to be perceived as close and to act so that users can consider them when satisfying a need.

Odm Group, in its study, states that by 2014, 53% of online and offline sales will be strongly influenced by the web, while there will be an upward trend in consumers who will use the internet before buying a product. , information that they will obtain from the websites of the different brands.

The study also points out that a key benefit for brands is the possibility of improving their strategy when locating their target, as well as achieving a better planning of their tactics, based mainly on the knowledge of the users thanks to the networks social. In addition, it is a substantial improvement for your customer service.

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