Visual Social Media is closely linked to Content Marketing, that is, the image plays a fundamental role in the representation of the content we are going to read. This means that the conceptual value of the image will be full of self-worth, so it must be well built to the point that it can speak for itself. And as the saying goes: Better a picture than a thousand words.

The power of the image and the Myths of Visual Social MediaFrom this premise arise 4 myths about Visual Social Media …

They are just nice pictures

False. It is true that the images used in the Visual Social Media must have a quality standard, which allow to be understood in their total aspect, but the photo retouching is sometimes not enough. They have to be real. Many times the user of social networks prefers “real photos” to “photo that represent a reality”. In addition, this plays a fundamental role in communication, as we are presenting images that a community will understand as part of its ecosystem and not only an attractive but meaningless element on the part of the users.

Many abuse this point, filling the Facebook page with images that do not generate communication and only for being an attractive image generates a lack of value.

The social media visual begins and ends in the social networks

Lie. Visual Social Media has its splendor in social networks. It is in this habitat that our opportunity to generate community, to establish relationships and to encourage the purchase of a product or service occurs. But before all this happens, there is a whole graphical elaboration in all the sites on the web where our brand can communicate. From the corporate website of the company to the newsletter that we launch each week has to reflect the communication of the brand.

Let’s put it this way 

Everything is shared in social networks, therefore it would be disastrous if someone uploads a link of yours where the highlighted image is a visual object that does not correspond to your brand. What’s worse, a watermark may appear, a symbol you did not notice when structuring your page.

Does not have much impact

Totally fake. Social Track indicates that photos are the best way to generate engagement on Facebook. Photos undoubtedly generate more likes than links or status updates. Infographics estimates that more than 250 million photos are uploaded to this social network daily.

Moreover it is evident that everything now changes towards the visual. Every time social networks point to the graphic theme. Facebook launched the Graph Search, Twitter is pushing the graphic theme with the preview of the photos and now with Vine, and lastly, let’s not forget the emerging social networks that are purely visual like Pinterest and Instagram.

It is irrelevant or not very urgent

Depending on what you call important in your social media strategy. Do you want to excel and stand out with innovative ideas or do you expect to follow the rest? Take advantage and act now, Visual Social Media is a reality.

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