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When you’re freelance, it is very important to have a wide network of contacts and clients to increase your chances of getting new projects. A good way to achieve this is through social networking sites like LinkedIn.

But in an online marketplace as crowded, how can you do to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest? Here are some tips that can help.

It covers basic

There are three elements that your LinkedIn profile must have for your potential customers want to add you to their network and keep you in mind for a future project. These are your photo, title, and abstract.

A profile picture is important, because it gives a face to your profile, makes it more personal and memorable.

When watching a LinkedIn profile without a photo, it may seem that the person is hiding something and is not transparent. If you do not want to give the wrong impression, put a photo on your profile. You not only will increase your visits and connections, but also the chances of being considered for a job.

When choosing a profile picture, make sure you convey professionalism. If you do not have a studio, using a “decent”. With decent, we mean it is a clear image with a good smile and clothing. The sexy selfies and party photos are for other social networks.

The owner meanwhile, should include what your profession, what you do and for whom, and the summary should support it. It is advisable to write the title and abstract in person.

Keep a conversational tone that customers can easily identify. That does not sound too casual, but neither pedantic. You must maintain a professional tone.

In addition, you can include some keywords in your resume. This will help make your profile more easily found.

Show off your skills and experience

As a freelance professional, you’ve probably gained much work experience and a range of skills, and it is important that customers know them. LinkedIn is a good way to show everything you know.

It includes all your skills in your profile as well as the different work experiences you’ve had. To keep things organized, you can sort your work experiences according to projects in which you participated or customers who have hired you.

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Get recommendations and validations

Having recommendations and validated by other people skills will help you build a reputation and make your profile more attractive.

Begins recommending and validating the skills of people with whom you have worked previously. In most cases you will return the favor. Otherwise, you can always keep in touch with them and ask.

Networking and updates

Always keep your LinkedIn profile updated. If you’re working on a project for a particular client, include it in your profile as soon as possible.

However, an updated and complete profile may not be enough to reach your customers. That’s why you need to join LinkedIn groups within. This will help you interact with the community, learn new things, find more opportunities, and grow your network.

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