With 5700 messages per second, Twitter is the main channel for online distribution. Its 115 million monthly active users help maintain the frenetic activity of this microblogging platform, Twitter making open to interaction, where brands have been able to gain a foothold and integrated into the conversation via.

QuickSprout data indicate that 3 out of 4 companies have registered their profile Twitter, developing an activity that appeals to your target audience. Thus, 33% of users this means a 2.0 follower mark on Twitter confesses. This relationship positively influences the engagement with the company.67% of the tweeters is more willing to buy products from those brands that follows. In addition, 79% more likely to also recommend them. The active search for information and opinions about brands on Twitter is an official sport, which has increased 663% in the last year. This favors the bottom line of the brand, since 50% of buyers admits to consider these social recommendations when making their purchases.

Twitter has become the bulwark of the brands that aim to promote the engagementThe main challenge that companies face in Twitter is one step further in relationships, getting turn their followers into leads and vice versa, in addition to increasing the confidence level. To do this, it is essential to show that the mark is there when the customer needs it, as well as offering valuable content, washed down with incentives and attractive proposals. As we have seen, the followers show a willingness to buy special products from those brands that follow. It is therefore appropriate to keep you informed on all developments and initiatives of the company. A gesture that appreciates 73% of Twitter users. Moreover, the fact of launching special offers for fans fires his intervention buying 349%. In addition, 61% would like to effectively interact with the brand, exchange views and feel that there is someone there to listen.

One aspect that brands have to take care when acting on Twitter tweeting is when and how. So, the weekend is the best day for the engagement. Not surprisingly, this activity decreases, and users are more relaxed and receptive than during weekdays. If we focus on the best times to tweet, they focus early in the morning, about 9, at noon (12 hours), early in the afternoon, about 15 hours after the end of the working day, around 18 hours. In any case, always depend on the sector and the target audience. Therefore, should try different times and record the results, in order to establish the ideal time for the brand.

When generating interactions, it is important to note that tweets with pictures get up to 200% more engagement. One difference easily exploitable, especially since Twitter previewing the content. Also, they are including a link tuits recorded up to 86% more responses; It is a way of enriching the contended message.

It is important to note that the marks recorded 92% of its engagement from these links. As for the tone of the message, we can clarify that the tweets that include a question directly inciting followers to respond, are capable of generating up to 21% more interactions. A sign that Twitter is a channel for conversation, where interactions are the main currency.

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