We are completely immersed in the online medium. Companies, increasingly aware of their effectiveness, strive to take advantage of this new area of marketing and hope to reap the fruits of their work. In order to get the most out of Social Media Marketing, you need to take these aspects into account:

What you should never stop doing or overlook in Social Media MarketingListen before you speak . In this medium, it will serve you to learn a lot. On the one hand to discover your target audience, how it is and where it moves. On the other, to know what the competition does, what practices work and which are not at all recommendable.

Know your partner . If you know who you’re going to, you’ll have plenty of cattle; You can focus your strategy on the most relevant channels, you will know what motivates them, or what kind of content they react … So you will be clear how to approach them.

Develop your own online personality . Be always yourself, apply your differentiating touch on all the actions you perform. Establish a tone of communication and maintain it. In doing so you will prove integrity, that you are authentic.

Everything must revolve around a strategy and a specific objective . Plan the frequency of your performances, and establish what you pursue with each of them. Do not leave anything to chance.

Measure it all . One of the great advantages of online marketing is that everything can be measured. Set the control parameters, these indicators that will indicate if you are on the right track. Evaluate the results and reorient your strategy.

Encourages interactions . Social networks are open to dialogue; The users will be willing to act, as long as your conversation interests them.

Become a hole in the time line of your users . If you offer quality content, it will be well received and the users will share it.

Take advantage of the trends for greater visibility with your content. Check the statistics and adapt your message to what interests at any time.

Bet always quality over quantity . Your content should not only be good, but extraordinary. Be demanding with yourself, do not settle for less and always go one step further. Surprise with your message and bring value.

A picture is worth a thousand words . Diversify the nature of your content, experiment with new, different, innovative formats that stand out and are more likely to be shared.

Have fun and have fun . Users browse for leisure and entertaining content. Try to have a good time interacting with the brand, you will also enjoy this new perspective.

Liven up your social profiles . Be active, raise initiatives and always keep the attention of your followers.

Respects users , never intrusive show. Take care of the frequency of your publications, if you saturate your profile, you will get them to leave you.

Position yourself as a leader in your industry . If you show that you are up to date, you always share news and also complete with your experience and know-how,

Monitor the conversation . Stay alert to social activity, register the mentions to the brand, calls for attention by your customers; This way you will detect any need in time and you will be able to answer in time.

Answer, always . Do not forget that you are in the world of communication 2.0, where users have voice and vote; And know how to use them. Use it to your benefit, to show yourself closer to them and gain their trust.

2.0 activity is not limited to your Facebook wall . Participate in other profiles, join in the conversation that takes place in other channels; Explore new ways of communicating and getting closer to your audience.

There is life beyond your blog . Guest blogging is an increasingly widespread practice; Also is a good way to rub shoulders with other industry figures, and exchange impressions.

Creates a world around your brand , you get it a meeting point for your users, where they come attracted by your content and want to stay, enjoying what you contribute to them.

Have patience , the world was not made in a day, and your online reputation either. Everything is a matter of time, effort and dedication daily; If you measure each step, little by little you will reap results.

What other rules do you consider basic? Which costs you the most?

By ZsuNC

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