Accumulate a lot of followers on social networks has no merit, if the mark is not capable of generating activity, conversationally. Only it is a ghost community formed by individuals who have little or nothing to each other, and do not feel any connection with the mark to which at the time gave I like.

The big difference of social networks with respect to other media is that they are open to conversation space, a meeting point and free trade between the brand and its members. Hence brands should not conform to amass a large following, but to record interactions.

Why is it so important that a brand has a voice in Social MediaTo this end, the brand has to prove that it is different, with its own personality and really cares about the welfare of their community and meet the needs of its members. This is achieved by designing a strategy that defines the social voice of the brand.

The social voice of the brand allows you to position themselves in the sector. Thus, it is possible to establish its position on certain issues, their way of thinking and acting. This will serve to win the trust of the fans, who know they can turn to it when solve any doubt and find here the support they need.

Brands with social voice created a lifestyle around the brand. All performances revolve around a central axis, which denotes its own personality and characteristics that define it. Thus, followers who remain at his side communicants with this philosophy, and enjoy participating and interacting with the brand.

Having a social voice humanizes the brand, and manages to have his hand to his followers against adversity. After a brand with social voice confidence that there is someone behind, a figure that has transmitted feelings, she is able to feel emotions and, like all human, can make mistakes. If the brand has managed to convey his human qualities, will start with an advantage when defend and be heard before a problem. In contrast, if his performances have always sounded cold and automated, you will not be able to get the support of his followers.

Thanks to the social voice may encourage engagement and loyalty of followers. The brand that develops its own personality in Social Media and able to connect with fans on an emotional level will create stable relationships difficult to break. This connection can be translated not only in sales but loyal and prescribers of the brand customers. Customers need to feel special, that the company cares about them and really work for their welfare.

A brand with social voice is always willing to listen. The basis for success in social media lies in being able to get to know the target audience, understand, identify their needs and act accordingly. Users greatly appreciate the vocation of service brands, the fact of having tranquility of finding solution to their problems and to blindly trust the company.

It is therefore important to set a tone of communication, and apply all interventions brand. Thus, it will get differentiated from the competition, encourage engagement and build trust, establishing productive relationships for both the fans and the brand.

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