The layered plasma polymer composite, or PLPC, is a composite consisting of layers of polyimide, deposited on both sides and cooled on the top, forming a thin film. It is a solid, extremely hard substance, which is known for its durability and extreme stiffness. Its unique feature is its extremely fine, almost imperceptible grain structure, which are a result of the numerous chemical reactions that occur in the layers during the manufacturing process, and it is this structure which gives it both physical and chemical properties. You can find these from companies like Poeton for your manufacturing and technical uses.

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The layers are produced by passing electricity through an electrically charged liquid crystal solution, in a process which is known as the ionic diffusion process, to create a gas. This gas, which has a negative charge, is in turn passed through a highly positive electrode, which in turn charges the crystal layers using electrochemical means, creating both a charge of high resistance to the flow of ions and a charge of attraction, which allow the crystal to adhere to the underlying stiff substrate. This creates the highly flexible composite material, which is known for its excellent physical and mechanical properties, and is used for a variety of applications.

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The composite is made by passing a stream of electric currents through a series of positively charged resin mixtures, which have been mixed with plastic polyimide layers on the outside. This process can be repeated many times, in order to create a large number of identical components, which are known as a layer. These layers are then welded together, using techniques such as roll forming or pressure casting to form the final components. Because the plastic layer cures quickly, this method of production means that the finished product is considerably faster than the more traditional methods such as heat casting and forging.

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