No doubt Apple has become one of the most popular and powerful brands of today. Its products, with its own style, have revolutionized the technology market and have turned this brand into a cult symbol for millions of followers and fans of the big bitten apple.

A powerful brand and classified as ‘most Cool’, although there are also detractors. However, behind Apple, there is an authentic legion of evangelistic clients. Authentic brand fanboys and defenders of their values ​​up to unsuspected limits.

And is not for less. With each of its launches and new products like the expected and new iPhone 5 that will soon hit the market, Apple demonstrates through the generated expectation, that its products are desired and its launch to the market becomes without a doubt, in the news of the moment.

Proof of this,  is reflected in a recent report developed by the research firm PaidViewpoint , who through a survey among more than 1,000 iPhone owners over 18 years, has shown that the vast majority of them, are recognized as same as authentic brand Fanboys.

By ZsuNC

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