The overall performance of machine parts depends upon the quality of the surface and the coating provided on their surface. Electroless nickel coating is the best and economic option in this regard. Most users find it best fit for lowering operational and manufacturing cost of the mechanical parts. The machine parts may face corrosion at earlier if appropriate coating is not provided.

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Electroless nickel coating is widely used in industrial applications. It is considered the best corrosion and wears resistant coating in several industries. Electroless nickel coating is preferred over nickel electroplating because as it is cost effective and has no electrical process involved in it as only the autocatalytic reactions in the procedure of coating here. For more details on Nickel Composites, visit

Major Advantages:

  • Electricity is not required in electroless process, that means lower cost.
  • It can be easily and evenly coated on the parts.
  • Many options are available for coating with varied thickness level.
  • Good quality finish, brightness can be achieved easily.

By applying electroless nickel plating, you’ll have genuine feelings of satisfaction, realizing that your machine’s parts will last longer.

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Electroless coating procedure:

Many innovations and changes have occurred in the process of electroless nickel coating since the 1940s, when it was accidentally discovered. At present, different industries use different procedures for it. Electroless nickel coating is done on kitchen utensils, bathroom fixtures, rotors, drive shafts, mechanical tools, etc.

It is good news that many companies provide the best electroless nickel along with its many other best surface protection solutions.

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