In this day and age, we are lucky that as the cold winter months roll in, we can keep our homes cosy and warm thanks to central heating. It is important that we keep our central heating running safely in our home with help from heating experts such as this boiler servicing Cheltenham based company HPR Services.


Most people in their homes never really need to think too much about how the central heating system works, but central heating keeping us warm today has a long and fascinating history.


As long as 2000 years ago in ancient Korea, there is evidence of a form of central heating being used called Ondol – a fire lit under a tunnel going through the home could keep the house warmer. The Romans also had a fantastic underfloor heating system which they also used to heat their baths.

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Todays modern central heating systems are much more technical, but many of these original ideas remain intact. A central heating system that we use today has a network of pipes running through the home, which are all connected to a boiler.

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The boiler then heats up water, and the pump inside the boiler then moves the water around the pipes to travel to the rooms in the house, and warm them via radiators – a more modern version of the ancient Korean idea!

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