Security seals are commonly used on consumer products such as food jars or containers to show that they have not been opened or tampered with and to demonstrate their safety and freshness. They are also used in government and industry in order to ensure that items such as classified documents or radioactive waste have a verifiable sign attached to them to show that they have not been opened or disturbed.

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Uses for a security seal

Security seals are used in many different industries and workplaces and for many different types of products. In the workplace, security seals are used for records management, theft protection in shops and supermarkets and to ensure that food products are safe. Industries that utilise security seals include the shipping and container industries, customs, law enforcement organisations and computer products and technology.

Security seals are also used in the nuclear waste industry to protect the workforce and the public against the dangers of hazardous materials and in government organisations to ensure the protection of documents relating to counterterrorism. To understand a wide range of security seals and products which can be used for many different products, specialists such as can advise.

Types of security seals

There are three main types of security seals:

Tamper-evident seals. These are the simplest of the security seals available and they include films or foils, plastic wrap, cables and adhesive tapes. They do not have any additional security protection but it is clear when they have been tampered with.

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Barrier seals. These seals include padlocks, cables, snap seals and seals for containers or bolts. If these are broken or tampered with, it is immediately apparent. As these seals are frequently made from plastic, companies are now moving towards using recycled materials for seals as they are better for the environment.

Electronic seals. Examples of electronic seals are security devices which will set off an alarm if they are tampered with. They can also be connected to a central hub which can notify the police or other authorities in order to protect the product.

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