Apple gave us the figures for the third fiscal quarter and that are enough things that can draw in clean, the iPhone is still selling but not as expected, the iPad sold little but compared to the competition is “good” and so many more data on sales of Apple.

The report is always in number of units sold and profits and the same compared to previous years and that we make a picture of how things are going for Apple, but subject to certain odious comparisons of the figures for the Apple vs Samsung rarely we see the exercise of figures Apple vs other items of mass consumption, and in this unusual dynamic an interesting fact emerged, according to figures released by the people of Cupertino, and iOS devices sold more Windows computers, which recently it was believed impossible.

AppleA total of 47 million iPhone sold so far this quarter, if we add the nearly 11 million iPad and iPod touch unknown number of sellers … we have about 60 million devices sold worldwide.

To be more clear in the example a specialist in this technology and the business, Benedict Evans, shows a graph leaves everything easier to understand:

Windows devices sales are decreasing at an average of 12% while the iPhone is growing. This causes gradually the two concepts distances again, but this time taking the top iOS devices and not Windows.

Certainly these figures only serve to confirm what we already knew for some time, the computer market is getting worse every day and seems to have no outlet in either the short or medium term. For Apple print sales counterpart good health and enjoying company, they can do more criticism against Apple after each product is that tangent feeling that everything Apple launches sold millions, just look at the iPhone 6, a phone input that many did not like either by design or by innovation, and that is, winning even in China, a market that logic you could say that despise the brand, but completely opposite happens, sales go up and it looks like they still have to follow up a good while longer.

Many criticize Cook for their changes in the company, some do not want to stop comparison with Jobs, but all this is that Apple has achieved thanks to the good work of the team that now leads, and what the numbers say, no company is able to keep for many years followed as Apple has.

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