Everyone’s focus today is on ‘green’ products and sustainable living. There is one metal that is a ‘green’ product but it’s probably not the first one that springs to mind. Copper is a renewable metal and a pretty fascinating one at that! Did you know .…

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  • An average property contains around 400 pounds of copper which is found in things like wiring, electrical appliances and pipes. Even your car contains around 50 pounds of copper. When you need Copper Pipe, visit a store like Watkins & Powis
  • Those working with explosives will have copper tools as they don’t produce a spark when used.
  • Chefs also prefer to cook with pots and pans made from copper as it offers uniform cooking and won’t suffer with hot spots.
  • Copper is literally used all around us. An individual, during the course of a normal day, will use 1500 pounds of copper in objects like telephones, cars and computers!

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  • Copper is such a versatile and long-lasting metal that it has been dubbed ‘man’s eternal metal’.
  • To make brass, copper is alloyed with zinc and to create bronze, copper is alloyed with tin.
  • At 100% recyclable, 80% of the copper produced is still in circulation today.

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