What will the future of construction look like? We’re not talking about 5-minute fads but real advances that bring tangible benefits to the building of homes. Here are just a few that are already on the horizon:

Virtual reality

Along with building information modelling, virtual reality provides the ability to make complex projects more easily understood. Imagine being able to actually walk around an environment and see it first-hand before it has even been built. This is a much cheaper option than building something, realising it doesn’t work and having to start from scratch. Virtual reality provides the opportunity to see these issues before building work commences. Find out more about Building Companies Manchester at a site like Piggot and Whitfield.

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Wearable tech

Similar to virtual reality, wearables provide many benefits for risk management and site safety. One example is smart glasses with augmented reality to provide data to the wearer on their immediate environment. A display could appear on the glasses providing the worker with the instructions required to complete a task.


This is something we are likely to see a lot more of and already examples of this can be seen with the use of robotics for laying bricks and other autonomous machinery that can be employed without the need for human interaction. AI is useful as it can continue working when humans would be suffering from fatigue.

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Mobile Tech

Forget the apps for playing games, apps are becoming increasingly common for construction too. Mobile tech is portable, can be used anywhere and is relatively cheap to integrate into existing processes.


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