Science is one of those careers that is always important – this year we have seen just how important science is – the vaccine success stories that we are seeing now that can end the global pandemic, are the result of hard working scientists all over the world.


One of the most rewarding job roles in science is a laboratory technician. This is an interesting and varied role that allows you to experience a wide range of things. It includes the day to day running of a laboratory – keeping things tidy and up together, as well as ensuring that you have all the things that are needed for the experiments to run smoothly.

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As well as day to day jobs, laboratory technicians also take part in the experiments – for example in a school, college or university a lab assistant will often help the teacher with a demonstration, and also planning of larger projects can be included in the role, such as sourcing lab relocation services like these if the laboratory needs to be moved.

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To be a lab technician it is important that you are well organised and enjoy science – because of the ever advancing nature of science, it means that you will constantly be learning new things, and new skills, as the work changes. Being able to progress in both knowledge and career is a huge benefit of the job, and you can find work in any area of science that interests you.

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