When you think about it, most engine maintenance goes ignored in our busy lives and there are many things that you should probably be paying attention to. One of those is the fuel system in your engine. You must make sure that this part is working properly so that it can deliver the correct amount of fuel for your vehicle. There are two main types of fuel systems for your engine, a carburettor, and a fuel pump. Your car’s fuel system is usually comprised of a fuel delivery system, a fuel filter and a fuel pump. If your car has a carburettor, you will also have a fuel filter.

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There are two kinds of fuel delivery systems. The first one is called a conventional fuel delivery system. This type of system is made up of an injector and a fuel delivery pump that are usually located near the centre of the engine and the transmission. The fuel pump supplies fuel to the carburettor. In the second kind of fuel delivery system, called an electronic fuel delivery system, the injector is located closer to the intake port and the fuel filter is installed on the fuel pump instead. For Injector reconditioning northern ireland, visit a site like ODS, providers of Injector reconditioning northern ireland services.

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Most common fuel injector problems cause the engine to run roughly as the fuel supply is being interrupted. One of these problems is the fuel filter. When it is clogged, there may be insufficient amount of fuel in the engine. In addition, the fuel filter will need to be cleaned in order to eliminate build-up of dirt, debris and particles.

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