The answer that question is pretty much anything you can think of. Bending machines and the mandrels that are fitted in them offer such a wide and diverse range of shapes, both computer aided and manually designed that there really is no end to the possibilities. One of the best examples of a machine is the Euromac Bending Machines from Cotswold Machinery Sale. Here are some of the best examples of how metal bending has provided us with so many items for the home, business and garden.

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Bending of metal was a lengthy process, namely heating and beating or melting and moulding iron but with the invention of steel things changed. This allowed us to start creating strong curved metal allowing for the development of Ironclad warships and then steamers. Wooden ships were soon being replaced with ships like the SS Great Britain and then the Liners of the Red and White Star fleets.

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In construction the beginnings of modern architecture were being realised. Structures and shapes previously thought impossible were made possible via metal bending supports in connection with the materials of Concrete and Cement. In smaller terms artistic and functional items could be mass produced. Cooking pots and frying pans could be knocked out with ease, even stylish gravy boats, once the domain of the rich were suddenly available to everyone. The use of the bending machine has really made our lives a lot easier. Shelf brackets for strength for example.

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