With so many channels to choose from on television these days it’s hard to believe that in the past we only had the choice of 3. To make things even worse there was no remote control! You have to get up and actually change the channel by pressing a button. However, It did make a very satisfying “thunk” noise when you pressed it in and also when the previous choice popped back out. These old TVs relied on an aerial to pick up the transmitted signals from BBC broadcasting and from ITV, or the independent television company to give it its full name. The BBC was created and started broadcasting in 1923. Apart from a break for the Second world war this has been a continuous stream of entertainment, education and information. Then ITV came along in 1955 increasing the number of channels to two.

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To receive these channels people needed an aerial. This is one situation that hasn’t changed at all. As with then, you’ll soon notice a drop in quality of broadcast if the aerial is damaged and so it might be an idea to call the TV aerial repair Tewkesbury based operator steveunettaerials.co.uk/our-services/aerial-services/tv-aerial-repair/tv-aerial-repair-tewkesbury/ to come and out have a look at it.

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9 years after ITV came on the scene the BBC expanded its output to two channels. BBC 2 would be arty and edgier than its home channel but it remained anchored to the core public service broadcasting principles of the Corporation.

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