In the modern era of manufacturing, the need for precise engineering is incredibly important. The days of handmade components and materials are all but gone. There is a very good reason for this. The human hand and eye are a remarkable combination. They can perform miracles. However, even the most skilled operator could never be able to achieve what  CNC Punching Machines, like those from, can do.

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Miniaturisation has brought a wealth of opportunities for new tech. Mobile phones are a great example of this. They started out being the size of a brick and could only be used for about 45 minutes before the battery went flat. It then took 6 hours to fully charge it. In less than 50 years, phones can do way more than this. The answer is the reduction in components size and the increase in battery power, plus screen function. None of this could be achieved without precise engineering.

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The same is true in Cars, Aeroplanes, Computers, heating systems, Nuclear Power stations and Medical care machines such as Dialysis and life support. All of these items are essential for the modern world. Every item of entertainment and domestic use in your home is subject to precise engineering.

However, there is a cost for this precision, and it is why a CNC Punching Machine is needed. All engineered items are planned down to the Nth degree. As a result, the placement of components in an engineered product has to be so precise it is near impossible for a human being to get it to the correct specifications. This requirement needs a preprogrammed punching machine to place the holes exactly where the engineered items need them to be. There can be no margin of error. There is a good chance of malfunction, which can have serious and even fatal consequences, with the machine otherwise.

This means that some labour is lost, but it is another indication of the rapidly changing world of work and society that we now live in. Our demand for such engineered items, domestic or social, is not likely to stop. With emerging markets in China and Brazil, plus some of the Gulf States, it seems that this is not going to end anytime soon. The need for precision engineering is going to be an ongoing concern.

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