The type of insurance that protects your occupation from claims is called professional indemnity insurance. This insurance offers protective services by providing strategies and plans. As there are many different diseases developing over time, the number of malpractice cases are also increasing with the diseases. It is difficult for doctors to deal with each type of patient. Some patients can take legal actions against doctors. Here are five questions that are interesting for doctors while purchasing this insurance.

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1)Is this insurance beneficial only for the doctors?

This insurance provides facilities for the doctors when patients claim for their damage against the doctors. The other small rank services can also get the benefit of this insurance. For more details on Medical Indemnity Insurance, visit a site like MPRS, a provider of Medical Indemnity Insurance.

2)What is excluded from this personal insurance policy?

This policy does not protect against the actions taken by criminals, weight loss, HIV or AIDS and surgeries performed under stress situations.

3) What is the method of calculating indemnity insurance policy premiums?

It depends on the number and types of patients that the doctor deals with and treats. It also depends on the size of the hospital or practice.

4) What is the duration of this personal indemnity insurance policy?

The duration of this policy is one year. You have to renew your policy after finishing this duration.

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5) Who can lodge an application or claim?

Being a doctor, you mostly assume that other members of the medical staff can’t harm you. Some patients also claim against you for the sake of compensation. Prepare yourself for any eventuality and take help from this policy.

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