Trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one or a good friend is never easy, the traditional perfume or cologne, tie, cufflinks or jewellery are all too cliché!  Finding something that will last the test of time, that is beautiful, practical, and thoughtful can leave most people scratching their heads looking for an answer?  An authentic aran sweater from a reputable and professional company such as constitutes the perfect gift for the special man or woman in your life.  The quality and detail that goes into an authentic aran sweater makes it an ideal choice, hard-wearing, washable and versatile. These stunning sweaters can be worn at any time, in any place, with any outfit and still manage to look stylish and fashionable.

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The Irish Folk Band, The Clancy Brothers all wore authentic aran sweaters when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, their Mum had made them in the 1960’s when a terrible snowstorm hit New York where they were touring and she wanted to make sure they were all kept warm and dry when out and about.  This was probably the first occasion when these beautiful jumpers had been seen by a mass audience, the popularity of these garments grew almost instantaneously.

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Other celebrities such as Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Marylin Monroe and Grace Kelly all wore an authentic aran sweater on several occasions throughout their illustrious careers.

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