There are some jobs around the house that really need taking care of, especially if you’re looking to place your property on the market. Some areas, if left unrepaired, will instantly put off prospective buyers.

For example, roofing problems really need to be nipped in the bud. A small problem, if ignored, can soon turn into a major and expensive one. A roof should receive at least a yearly inspection and any issues dealt with straight away. Leaky roofing and interior water damage are an instant no-no for buyers.

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Constantly blocking drains should also receive some attention sooner rather than later. There could be a serious blockage at any point in the complex network of pipes that means unpleasant odours are forever pervading your home. For help with Blocked Drains Essex, visit 3flow drainage, a leading Blocked Drains Essex firm.

How are the tiles looking in your kitchen and bathroom? Dirty, blackened grout and cracked or missing tiles might not seem like a big deal, but they will most certainly affect how buyers feel about the house. The kitchen and bathroom are the two key rooms that must ‘wow’ viewers and be fresh, clean and attractive. If there are any missing, loose or cracked tiles, it will definitely pay to have them replaced and the grout re-applied or at least scrubbed.

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Window frames are another important feature that buyers will look at closely. Rotting wood frames or damaged and failing old double glazing just won’t cut it. You might consider replacing the windows to add value to the property.

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