We all want to add value to our property – the day that we do come to sell it we want to get the most that we can for it. But what are the best ways to add value to your home? Whether you want to pack up and move instantly, build a house of you own such as these custom build homes Birmingham, or have a good property to hand down to your children. Here are some of the best ways to add value to your property…

Extend into your garage – Most people do not use a garage to it’s full potential and it is often a place where clutter collects – so why not make more of it and extend your living space? Depending on your homes layout and what you want to use the space for you could have a larger kitchen, a dining room, or even a downstairs bedroom.

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Convert your Loft – Additional bedrooms make a home much more valuable, and you don’t have to lose all the storage space if you are using it either. Storage can be built under the eaves whilst still leaving you plenty of room for a bedroom, or even a bedroom with ensuite.

Build a garden room – A room in your garden is another way that you can get extra space without needing planning permission and has a variety of uses – you could have a garden office, an additional living room, or even a guest bedroom – it is a way to add versatile space.

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