The depths of winter are probably not the time when you want to be carrying out DIY tasks. However, the winter is the ideal time to plan and think about what you want to do in the spring when the weather improves. With any task planning is important, so you can use the months when work isn’t possible to take your time and think through all of the implications of the job.

Top Three Tips When Planning Those Spring DIY Jobs
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Spring is when most people’s thoughts turn to decorating. The outside of your property suffers from the winter weather, so painting doors and widow frames is a popular spring task. Similarly, the inside of your house may by looking dowdy, as you always see it in a new light once the Christmas decorations come down. But before you can decorate, it needs to be warm enough to open windows to let out fumes and allow paint to dry. You can use the winter months to decide which tasks need doing and spend time browsing through colour cards and wallpaper samples.

Patios and Decks

You want to enjoy your garden during the summer, so spring is the best time to look at making it more usable. Whether you’re laying new paving or repairing and treating decking, you need reasonable weather to do the job. You can use the winter to check measurements and come up with a materials list so that you can get straight into the job when the weather improves.

Interior Renovations

If you’re looking at major work inside your home, whether it’s fitting a new kitchen or removing a partition wall to open up more space, you can use the winter months to visualise what you want to do. You can work out how best to use the space and see if you need to incorporate any new equipment such as fire suppression services from companies like to protect your investment. You can also browse brochures, websites and magazines to collect ideas and inspiration from other people’s projects.

Whatever work you’re thinking of carrying out, whether the job is large or small, taking the time to plan is vital. When the time comes to start work, if you know what materials you need and the best sequence to carry out the work, then the task will proceed much more smoothly.

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