If it’s time to renovate or rebuild, oak beams are an exciting prospect. Will they be the right choice for your home? The following are some compelling reasons to consider oak beams:

Classic Aesthetic

Oak wood is tough and stunning, which explains its widespread usage in construction for many centuries since the medieval period. It is extremely strong, flexible and attractive, making it a firm favourite for many homeowners. For Structural Oak Beams, visit https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-products/structural-beams/

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Oak is very flexible, which means you can have a variety of options when you choose a style for your home. A rustic look can be achieved with a thick, untreated beam, more contemporary styling with reclaimed wood or have a combination of both if you cannot make up your mind.

Structurally strong

The reason why oak has been used for hundreds of years as a material for construction material is because of its qualities, which includes getting more durable and harder as it ages. It is low in weight yet has a high density. Used by architects and builders for centuries, it is a well-known material and is well understood. Builders know how to move and bend oak, so that designing with oak is trustworthy and secure.

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Almost all the oak used in the UK is sustainable, which means grown and maintained in the managed forests. Replanting is done, meaning that the young trees grow quickly and help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Using reclaimed wood also helps prevent new trees being cut down and encourages the recycling of old materials.

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