Grease and fat are a huge problem in most commercial kitchens, and it’s important to have systems, equipment and processes in place to manage the problem on a regular and ongoing basis.

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A build-up of fat or grease can be the catalyst for serious hygiene problems, which can, in turn, affect your Food Hygiene Rating and in the worst cases close your business down.

The Food Standards Agency provides guidance on how to ensure good hygiene standards.

Change the Way You Cook

You don’t always need to use fresh oil every time you cook. Have a look at it before you throw it away. If it’s still clear and doesn’t have food debris in it, then it can be set aside to be used again. Reducing the volume of oil you use will cut down on the fat and grease build-up in your kitchen.

Swapping to baking instead of frying will also cut down the amount of oil you use and therefore the amount of fat and grease build-up. Many dishes are actually better baked, and health-conscious diners will always appreciate the reduction in calories.

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Specialist Equipment

Grease traps for commercial kitchens are essential, as they separate the fat and grease out from the waste water, ensuring that it doesn’t enter your plumbing system and clog it up. You can buy traps from companies such as

But it’s also important that these traps are regularly, and correctly, emptied. If you’re not happy doing it yourself, then look at companies who will visit your premises on a contract basis to remove the fat and grease waste for you.

Strainers in the sinks will help not only to prevent fat and grease going down the plughole and blocking up your plumbing but also other food debris. They’re quite cheap to buy and can save you a fortune in the longer term.

Change your dishwashing habits. If a plate or pan is full of grease, clear some of the excess before you put it in the dishwasher. Use a cloth, paper towel or scraper on offending items to remove the fat into a suitable container for disposal.

A build-up of grease can cause serious problems in a kitchen, so get on top of it in your kitchen before it gets you into deep trouble.

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